Raven T-Light Candle Holder

Raven T-Light Candle Holder

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This beautiful raven protects the light of your candle. He is a gothic beauty!

Height: 4.3 Inches Made of Polyresin

The harbinger of the old gods, the raven is often associated in European mythologies with death or war. Odin used ravens to bring news of the mortal world.

This Ravens Ward Tealight Holder illuminates the dark night of the soul.

Crafted from fine polyresin, this gothic candleholder depicts a raven perching on a stone cylinder. The raven holds its wings outstretched, protecting the candle flame from an errant breeze. A black rose emerges from the front of the cylinder.

This gothic home decor item exhibits a high level of detail, especially on the feathered wings of the raven. The Ravens Ward Tealight Holder adds an attractive Gothic accent to any room.