Pretty Strong

We have all been through a firestorm and risen! We are women! We are strong and will continue to rise up. We are all broken, but that brokeness is what makes us unique and beautiful. We are perfect in our own broken ways. We will continue to rise up and shine no matter what happens. We don’t quit! We don’t give up! And together we can support each other and grow even stronger! We will overcome anything this crazy life has to throw at us.

Pretty Strong is a gift shop and events center that is aimed at empowering women.  There is a coffee bar to relax and chat. There are also a variety of classes offered on topics that interest women.  This is a safe place that allows us to do and learn new things while giving us time to build a network of women to support and empower each other.  A portion of all profits will be used to help women in need in the local community.  Pretty Strong is about acceptance and women helping women because together we are stronger.

P.S. Men might like it too :)

Premier Drunken Slut Slather Box Set