Kingdom Stud Slather

Kingdom Stud Slather

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Slather this anywhere you have dry, rough skin. You work hard and your skin takes a toll from your feet to the tips of your fingers. 

Stud Slather is made from the finest butter, oils, and vitamin E. It will hydrate your skin and help remove any dead, dry spots. 

This high-end body butter is made with our Kingdom fragrance oil. If The Seven Kingdoms were to ever come together, we think it would make for a very complex, yet surprisingly pleasing brew. This intoxicating scent is inspired by the Seven Kingdoms.

This is available in a 4 oz. customized plastic PET jar so it won't break in your bathroom.

IMPORTANT: Body Butter is made with butters and oils. It should be kept at a temperature less than 75 degrees. If heated it will melt and if cooled it will harden. Best used at room temperature.